Eleven Years LaterMature

Alexander, or Alex, is now 14 and going into high school. His best friend, Derek, promised they would get through it together. But sometime during the second semester, they got into a fight; a fistfight! Alex came home with a black eye and explained to his parents what had happened, and they didn’t want Alex to hang out with Derek any more. They didn’t really know Derek too well because he never came over to their house, but Alex always used to go to Derek’s house.

The next day at school, Derek apologized, but Alex didn’t think that was enough. Alex told Derek he wasn’t going to be friends with him any more. On January 7th Alex turned fifteen. His parents trusted him with watching his siblings and keeping them out of trouble, but sometimes this was a hard task.

On February 19th Aaron and Allison went out for their 12th anniversary, and left Alex in charge. Andrew, who was 11, decided to leave without telling or asking Alex. They looked all over for him. Alex wanted to find him before his parents got home and they were supposed to be home any minute. Angela, or Angie, remembered that Andrew had a crush on the neighbor girl, Nancy, and decided to call and ask if he was there. Luckily, he was, and Angie instructed him to come right away. He got home not but 15 minutes before his parents.

Alex was furious! When their parents got home, Alex told them what Andrew did and Alex got grounded and Andrew didn’t get in any trouble at all. Angie talked her parents into not grounding Alex for loosing track of Andrew.

Alex and Angie had a very close relationship, up until Angie started high school.

The End

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