When Life Gives You Lemons...

Monica sighed and rubbed her tongue across her lip ring. Being a cashier at Wal-Mart was a horrible choice for a job. Still, she got to scare customers with her red hair and dark make-up. And every once in a while, “Boss Man” would assign her to fruits and veggies.
Oh joy.

This was one of those times. Unfortunately, scaring the crap out of mothers and children didn’t give her much excitement anymore. She strolled slowly anyway to the other section, leaving her register light on just to confuse people.

Monica reached the section with unhurried movements, just to annoy the jerks talking on their cells and walking ten times faster. There were many perks to Wal-Mart. She stalked over to replace the lemons with more.

“Watch it!” A beer belly man yelled.

She stepped back and hissed, “Maybe if you weren’t so big I wouldn’t have to.”

“Maybe if you’d move…mgffhm” and that was what he got out before Monica chucked a lemon in his face and paced away.
Oh yes, Victory. Next customer please.


The End

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