That's That


          I miss you... why do you never respond when I say that? Because I never know what to say...     

Then please stop haunting my dreams. Stay out of my fantasies. And you, yeah you, who knows me so well, if you really know what I mean, you know then, that all I wanna do is scream out to the heavens I loved you, I loved you, I STILL love you. I wanna throw him against a wall and kiss him until he kisses me back, I wanna say to him I’d come to every soccer game, no matter how much I hate the stupid sport, and I’d learn to love it. I’d listen to every single song you’ve ever liked and learn the words off by heart, so when you play them in the car, I could sing along. I’d do everything you ever asked and I’d even eat every food you’ve ever loved, no matter how many sauces and condiments are on it. Still, no matter what I’d do now, I know it’s not enough, and he’s not coming back, I really fell for the big one, and that'll never happen again.

And that’s that.


The End

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