Waking Up


      Every day, you don’t wanna get out of bed when you have that feeling. But you know for sure that no matter what, you gotta. Cos’ when it all goes wrong, there has to be something that goes right. One little thing that maybe gets better. Some wise cat out there somewhere said time is the best healer, and it’s probably true, I’m sure time heals a broken heart. But maybe some people like to stay broken and wallow in what they had. I mean that feeling I got, I think no matter what it’ll never go away, probably because I know even more than when I thought I knew everything. Cos’ now I know how much I was misconstrued, how I was seriously led astray. I learned the biggest life lesson of all, not to love, but that love is a lie. Don’t fall for it. I’m not saying don’t fall in it, but just know it’s the biggest fatty-fat lie I’ve ever had to hear about, so don’t fall for it. Cos’ you’ll probably get hurt.

The End

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