Digging in the Moral Trashbin


       When you think you know everything, you don’t think for a second, that you’ll be left alone crying your soul out into a dozen tissue boxes every day. But that feeling sure sinks in quick, like the next hour even, you know... when you really regret putting your relationship status on Facebook. When you really wish you hadn’t thrown your morals into the trash bin just to chase some mixed up fantasy about Love. And you walk in the door and your mother’s visiting friend asks if you are still with that silly boy who cut all his hair off. It’s literally a moment where you think:

HA! Jee thanks, this is just irony in its simplest form. Jeeze!

And you mentally smack your knee and laugh, but your mouth just says:


And then your mother is saying:

"What?! Since When?!!"  And you’re saying "since like an hour ago", and then there's an awkward silence, and a little smile that's more like a grimace on your face, so you run upstairs and cry all by yourself because you really don’t want anyone to comfort you except the person who made you cry in the first place. And you know what’s the worst? That you can’t have him.  

The End

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