Awkward Silences


      I’m so sure that every break-up is awkward. But this one, my first
one, must have been the most awkward in the world, no joke. I felt so used the
day before. When I heard the famous words “We need to talk.” No one just says that without actually meaning something else, Hollywood taught us that pretty quick. It was so cliché, I mean like I said, Life is cliché. But when I had no ride home from
school that day, I had to catch a ride with him. now that, was something else. Then that night, at a little get together, he put his sweater on me, like a blanket, tucked me in while I slept on the couch, just trying to drown my sorrows in my lucid dreams. Those were a blessing; I could sort things out there in my head more privately than if I had locked myself in the bathroom. The jacket really hurt, cos’ there is a really bad feeling you get inside your heart, when someone who just broke yours, puts their jacket on you like they still care. That’s just so stupid. That’s just kicking you when you’re already down. What that is, is confusing. Except, that wasn’t he awkward part at all. The day it happened, he said he was too busy to talk. I got him to talk. I remember he long-boarded really close to my house, we lived really close, so I walked. I noticed that he had a tear in his eye and to this day, I really haven’t asked if it was from the wind or if he had been crying. There is a lot of stuff I haven’t asked but you know what? It probably doesn’t matter anyway. But then, we walked cos’ he said we should find a place to sit. We found a boarded up well, really close to my house, not kidding maybe like a two minute walk, and then you know what we did? We sat on that well. And we sat for half an hour at least, I’m not lying, you know me I don’t lie. I kept looking up and then looking down and then looking up and down and at him and then at my leg, I was wearing red tights, wool ones to be exact. I had bought them at Value Village for my back to school shopping. That silence, that was really, really awkard, so then finally I almost said

You know, the point of having a talk, is to talk.

But you know what I said instead?

So... Am I single?

And he looked at me, and he nodded his head. 

The End

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