Out To Sea


      When someone just up and stops talking to you for weeks. You know something is wrong. You don’t spend a long time with someone without learning a thing or two about their character. You learn all their faults, and when you love them, you love their faults too. Like I said I’m a sucker for the little things. So when someone up and stops talking to you, you know something is wrong. But, since I knew everything, I pretended like nothing was the matter. I treated each silent day, like it was full of laughter, and full of the same old same old routine. I guess I should have looked at my feet, cos’ I would’ve seen that they were most definitely glued to the floor. The glue had set, dried and adhered so hard I don’t think even any amount of
scrubbing with the biggest green scrubby in the world could get that stuff to un-stick. If I had seen that, I think I wouldn’t have put so much effort into giving him a gift at the end of the week. I pulled an all-nighter that time, to make that gift. Home-made fortune cookies, that said I Love You. Yup, I like cheesy stuff, you know that
already. See, had I known that I was getting glued to the floor, I might have moved and wiggled before it dried, so I wouldn’t be stuck so bad. So I could get out. I wouldn’t be trapped here, when everyone else has moved on. It sucks really. I mean it’s too bad, but you know what? When you get love-acid shot in your eyes, you’re blinded for good, so maybe I just didn’t see that my best friend had grown tired of him and me, and she wouldn’t have walked away. Maybe if I hadn’t been so blinded, I would have noticed that he never said I love you first. Maybe if I hadn’t been so blinded I wouldn’t feel half dead. Cos’ you know what? That feeling, that head-bashing feeling, the one that makes you mourn love, it’s gotta be the worst feeling ever. You leave your house feeling like you left your arm on your bedside table. You feel like you forgot something so important at home when you left for school, but the thing is, what you left was your heart guts, all poured out into his hands, and he threw them into the sea, so they could wash away.

The End

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