"Love look" Gone


      You know when you know somebody so well, you can read them like a book? Sometimes, I think maybe, even though I thought I was reading him so well, I just didn’t realize I was illiterate. See, I’m a sucker for the little things, all those tiny small things that make a person a person; with a personality I mean. Like the look I got when my face was so close, I could feel the “love look” just radiating from my eyes, but the look I got back was something so concentrated, like if I moved he’d lose it all forever. Like I said, I must have been illiterate cos’ I guess I read that look wrong. The hugs at the beginning, they were perfect, they were real, they were hugs that could make you cry, I should know, one of them did, but that’s cos’ things weren’t going too hot. After things didn’t go too hot, hugs were different, kisses
were different, looks were different. My heart hurt and my trust was so broken and
so crumpled.

I think we should take a break. I kinda stopped liking you. I mean, I still have feelings for you but not the kind you deserve.

Yeah, okay, well if that’s what will make you happy. I mean at least you told me and finally stopped pretending. Cos’ I’d rather be hurt by the truth than a lie.

 It was so hard to even want to try, but like I said; no matter how many times someone goofs up, you still forgive them, and you still love them, cos’ none of that should matter at all, just being with them is what matters. When you love, you love. The ironic thing is; I did get hurt by a lie didn’t I? Cos’ love has got to be the biggest lie some jerk ever thought up, and boy, did I fall for it.  

The End

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