Mainstream Remedies


      Probably, some people are born knowing what love is. Maybe everyone is, I bet so, but some people forget when they grow up, cos’ those life lessons they are learning are more important than remembering what love is. They probably don’t realize the irony in that cos’ learning to love is probably one of the biggest life lessons I’ve ever heard of. There are some pretty big ones too, like don’t put butter on your toast before it goes in the toaster. I mean bread. Everyone knows that joke about what you put in the toaster, bread not toast. But love is pretty important. Even if it’s a lie. You know, I remember every little teensy detail. I know every question I asked and every response I got back. I remember every minute, every second spent, and I think maybe love might be when no matter how many times someone goofs up, and I mean really goofs up, you still forgive them, and you still love them, cos’ none of that should matter at all, just being with them is what matters. Just waking up, and being happy, so happy, cos’ you know you get to spend another day with
them. Maybe that’s love, but maybe love is too Hollywood, real mainstream. You
hope and hope, cos’ you think you’ll get some magical experience, but really all that hoping is setting yourself out for disappointment, even though you know everything, and you know nothing will go wrong. But trust me; you’re setting yourself out for a big disappointment. Big, and then you got that feeling, and since love is so mainstream; you gotta look for mainstream remedies, but those never work.

The End

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