First Kiss


      So, since you know me pretty good, I’ll tell you something you don’t know. I expected, being all cheesed up from Hollywood, that my first kiss was gunna’ be the most magic thing I ever had. I think it was. I mean it definitely blew my expectations. See, I had this idea that I wasn’t gunna’ kiss on the first date, cos’ I didn’t wanna be one of those people. I had morals before I got that feeling, the one that made everything go wrong. I was one of those classy kids; I listened to records
and music from the fifties and sixties. Even the thirties had appeal. I liked the nineties too, I mean I still do, but it’s a bit different now, cus of that head-bashing thing. I dressed classier too, more covered up. Pretty conservative I know, but if you really know me like you think, you know that I’m not conservative at all. I don’t even wanna dip my foot in the same hot tub as a conservative except I would cus I’m not afraid to do things outside the social norm, cus I’m not conservative. I even tried drugs once, and I got drunk a few times in the summer too. So don’t think for a millisecond that I’m conservative. But I definitely wasn’t gunna kiss on my first date. But know what? Yeah I bet you know, I did. And it was just as magical as everyone said it would be. I remember how it happened so perfectly. It’s like, you know when you stare at something for so long the image gets burned into your retinas? Yeah like that. Yup, I was playing with his neck, tracing my hand along his collar bone, and down his arm and then up his chest. Then I’d play with his hair and touch his face and then it just sort of happened, I looked up and he looked down and then it was kinda’ like; wow. I didn’t even care that the people behind me saw really at all. I had thrown three things in the moral trash bin that night – I don’t kiss on the first date, I’m only into guys with long dark hair and brown eyes, I would never post my relationship status on facebook, it gets unwanted attention.

The End

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