Even this is a Cliche


      When I said that love is a lie, don’t think for a single millisecond I don’t believe in it. I just used to know everything, so take it from me, it’s a lie. At least three quarters of anything to do with love is fake and maybe the last quarter is half genuine. It’s all a big joke. It’s for the emotional terrorists to shoot their bullets deep into your heart and keep shooting til’ a big hole shows up. Yeah cliché but you know what? Life is pretty cliché anyway. So is love, cliché things are just a big cheese fest, and I’m a sucker for cheesy things. You can thank romantic comedies for that, you know, Hollywood. Even all that was pretty cliché. I bet you;re thinking you probably know me pretty good now eh?  Just cos’ I said I like cheesy things and love is a big fat lie.  Guess what; you’re right.

The End

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