Getting Sticky


      That feeling I got, I think it started cus I got glued to the floor somehow. No that came later. It was before I got glued to the floor, but only by a little bit, well I guess a lot cos’ I remember all of it. Maybe if you knew about what I thought when I was a kid you’d maybe get it more, like the point I mean. I think everyone has those little
fantasies when they are youngsters, but only some people remember them, cus they hold them closer to their hearts. Mine was always such a secret and I never shared it cus I wanted to hold it close so that some kid with sticky fingers couldn’t smudge it up and all. I had this silly idea that I was gunna get one of those little black Scottie dogs, and name him Jacques, just like in that movie about the talking dogs who eat
spaghetti. Me and that dog were gunna live in little green cottage somewhere in the woods or at the beach and all our furniture would be sweet and cosy and everything would be organized and neat, but I’d be mysterious too, don’t forget that, all my neighbours would think:

“Lookat that woman there she is mysterious beyond any doubt”

And Jacques and I would live this mysterious life but then I’d find the perfect guy, right off the bat, and he’d be tall with brown hair and brown eyes, super deep brown, real mysterious and he’d sweep me off my feet just like in the movies. We’d
have this amazing wedding deep in the woods and those cute little patio lanterns, the white ones, would be strung all through the trees and there would be candles and white sheets flowing in the wind, and everyone would be dressed up like a fairy, wings and all, and then that would be real magic. I only shared that with two people and that was after the feeling got sunk real deep into my skin and my brain so they don’t even count. I just really don’t want that to get sticky, cos’ a lot of stuff these days does.

The End

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