Fat Hollywood Lies


      I didn’t always got that feeling. Once maybe I think a few months ago I was on top of the world. I bet you’re thinking drugs. I bet you’re thinking oh this cat mixed with drugs and then everything went for bad. Nope. Nothing like that even happened. Nothing of the sort. No, I was on top of the world but I guess it spun too fast, cus I sure fell from the top in a hurry; right into the bottom of the universe, if it has one. Know why? Cos’ some stupid guy out there in Hollywood convinced me when I was a little kid - not even a little kid, I bet was so small I wasn’t even a person yet, no personality at all I bet - that love is a real thing. I don’t mean to sound all knowing, but it’s not. Simple as the nose on your face, love is the biggest, fatty-fat lie I’ve ever had to hear about.

The End

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