When it All Goes Wrong

Recounts of what went wrong


                You know when you think you know it all, and then you go and do things without a second thought, cus you know you know everything so nothing could possibly go wrong, but, then it does? You know that feeling? Well, that’s what I got; I got that feeling you get when everything you think you know goes head bashing, lip biting, eye-gushing wrong. Like one day you’re the best runner in the whole world
and then you stub your toe on a rock and then you can’t run no more. So you have to quit running and walk everywhere and then you aren’t important anymore and no one even cares that you’re sitting in a gutter in the rain in downtown New York. I hope that doesn’t make you think I’m in a gutter in New York. I’m not, I’m a terrible runner, but I bet if I was a good runner I’d stub my toe and lose it all on the count of me thinking I know it all. That’s just how I feel though, like I’m in a gutter in the rain. Without even a broken umbrella to hide under.

The End

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