The Walls

When I arrived in the city center after days of limping through the streets, I was in ruins. My mind lay victim to the ruthless decay the heroin caused me, my body buckling under the uncontrollable need for a hit. Under pressure, I commenced the begging. For a few minutes I tried to get the attention of passersby, but then I got this strange feeling, as if I wasn’t aware of where I was until now. I looked up.


A magnificent arch stood before me, covered in engravings of soldiers in wooden chariots and beautiful horses. Overhead youthful birds danced and pranced, adding a blissful feel to the air.


Struck by the sheer beauty of it, I walked overwhelmed under the arch and saw the colossal golden archways and incredibly smooth shape of the Colosseum. The evening sun created a glow that gleefully sprung off the giant walls.

Almost a year I have lived here. What have I been missing?

The End

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