The plane went a bit jerky once the wheels hit the pavement. Trent looked out the window. From his seat, and from where the plane was, he could see the Colosseum. It seemed to tower over everything. Once the plane came to a complete stop, the pilot came on over the intercom. "Thank you for flying Alitalia, we have now landed in Roma, Italiana. Ci auguriamo che il vostro tempo a Roma." Trent grabbed his carry on bag and faced the herd of people within the airport. The warm air brushed against his face. A man in a dark suit with sunglasses approached Trent.

"Are you Trent Harwell?" The man asked.

"Yes, are you my chauffeur?" Trent asked.

"Sì. Dottore Monticelli è stato in attesa del tuo arrivo." The man said in almost perfect Italian.

"Who exactly is this Doctor Monticielli? If I may so kindly ask." Trent asked with a questionable look on his face.

"Monticielli is only the best experimentalist Doctor in the world. Now, please get in the SUV." The man said, losing his friendly tone.

"Experimentalist doctor? What's that?" Trent asked.

"Please just get in the car. I will explain everything on the drive to Castel Sant'Angelo." The man said grabbing Trent's bags and putting them into the SUV.

"I'm not going anywhere until you explain to me why this man named Monticielli wants to see me!" Trent shouted.

"Monticielli, is a woman. Now get in the SUV before we do this the hard way." The man said in a fierce tone. 

Trent was speechless, and finally decided to just get into the SUV. Hoping the man kept his promise of explaining everything. The man shut the hatchback and got into the front seat. "I bet your dying from anticipation, aren't you?" The man started the car and pulled out of the parking space.

"Okay, first, you probably want to know my name. I am Domenico. Most just call me Dom or Domenic. Next, ever since all the Governments in the world collapsed, we are now ruled over by one government. The two people that run the world call themselves the Overseers. Doctor Monticielli has access to everyone's records. It appears that you graduated top of you college class from some university." Dom paused for a moment, allowing Trent to soak all this in.

"The University of Chicago." Trent said.

"Yes, the University of Chicago. Anyways, you and one other have been selected from your hometown to help Doctor Monticielli. There's a check being written out to everyone that helped. Well, here we are. Castel Sant'Angelo. Castle of Angels." Dom said as he turned off the SUV and got out.

Trent got out to stare at the five-hundred year old castle. He had learned about it in his AP Euro class in college. Trent had never imagined coming to such a historical city. As Trent turned around, Dom swung a blunt object and hit Trent in the face; knocking him out cold. The doors to the Castel opened, and a women with long black hair came out. "Is this his boyfriend?"

"Yes Doctor." Dom said.

"Delightful. Make sure he enjoys his stay here. I'll be with him shortly. Dannazione sciocco. Solo se sapeva cosa si era cacciato. Lui e il suo fidanzato entrambi." Monticielli mumbled as she walked back into the castle.

The End

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