31. TaraMature

Finally Leo stood up. He wiped his face with his sleeve, brushing away the tears as he did so.

            “So, I’ll drop by on Wednesday. Ok? I’ll bring the cards and some more flowers. What would you like? More tulips? No. How about some roses? Make it seem like loads of boys have been here, after you.” He gave a quiet laugh, trying to comfort himself.

            Before he left, he picked up his bag and walked back to Tara’s bedside. “I’ll see you soon Tara. It’ll all be fine.” He leant over her and kissed her forehead, repeating quietly to himself, “It’ll all be fine.”

            Tara heard the door swing shut and everything went quiet once more.


            A little while later a faint murmuring brought Tara to her senses. She must have fallen asleep shortly after her brother left. Tara tried to concentrate on the voices but she couldn’t focus. Occasionally faint words would filter through. “I’m sorry… You must decide… It’s cruel… Brain dead.” They were talking about her.

            Tara felt a sweep of coldness fill her veins. Her heart felt like stopping. They couldn’t, she was trying so hard. She wanted to live. She tried to listen again. But all that she heard was a faint buzzing noise.

             And then, all of a sudden, one sound became crystal clear. A beeping noise. It was moving in a pattern. Repeating itself over and over. Tara was confused, she couldn’t figure out what it was. And then it dawned on her. It was her heart beat. Moving at a regular beat.

            The voices seemed closer now. But still not clear. Tara began to panic. She wanted to see her brother one more time.

            But then, three words drifted over to her. “Just do it.”

            She wanted to scream at them. To tell them to stop.

            But she couldn’t. Instead she lay there, listening to her heart beat. Slowly it began to fade. Tara began to drift off. She tried so hard to stay awake. But there was nothing she could do.

            A final, extended beep filled the room and gradually Tara faded away.


             Outside her brother sat in the waiting room. Anyone walking past would have seen his shoulders shaking, and tears running down his hands which covered his eyes.

The End

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