29. HannahMature

Hannah felt her knees fall out from under her but she didn’t notice who steadied her to the floor. No, she thought, No way. She looked across the dance floor. It were as if they were the only two there. He had the same puzzled expression on his face that she imagined she had. Me, she tried to stifle a mad giggle. Me, and him! Me, and Liam! No way.

            Someone near her started the round of nervous giggles. Gradually people began to shout out, explaining to the teachers that Hannah and Liam weren’t together anymore and so they couldn’t possibly be the best couple.

            Hannah stood up. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She had to get out. Stumbling and tripping in her heels, Hannah ran from the room, out of the open large glass doors and out into the cool dark night. She made it just round the corner before she fell to her knees and sobbed on the damp grass. 

            Luke crouched down beside her and placed his arm around her shoulders. She turned and cried into his suit. Together they sat there for ten minuets in silence before Luke spoke.

“He still loves you, you know.” Hannah gave a final sob and looked up into Luke’s eyes.

            “He’s waiting for you, just round the corner.” She looked around, expecting to see him there.

            “Go to him.” Hannah stood up and gave Luke one final hug.

            “Thank you.” She whispered.

            Liam was stood, resting against a wall. He turned as Hannah walked around the corner. The two of them stood there, staring at each other, until they both blurted out, at the same time;

            “I’m sorry.” They both giggled. And then, just like before, they were embracing each other, kissing gently.

            “They crowned Kate and Jake King and Queen instead. I hope you don’t mind.”

            Hannah shook her head. Tears of joy were now pouring down her face, and she hugged him again.

            “Do you want to go back inside yet?”

            Hannah shook her head. “No. Let’s wait awhile before going back. And afterwards we can go back to mine.”

            The sat down on a low stone wall that encircled the building. As they sat there Hannah felt someone watching her. She turned and saw Luke leaning on the corner. He waved and turned, walking back to the prom. Hannah smiled one more time and cuddled up into Liam’s side, and he placed an arm, protectively around her and they sat there, in the moonlight, together again.

The End

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