27. LouiseMature

She had just put Rosie to bed and now she was making a cup of tea. Louise felt a warm shiver pass through her. She was going about her old habits and she was trying not to think about him.


            It would have been a perfect life. She had loved him and he had set a spark of inside of her. A new, fresh love. But she had loved Josh as well. And her two daughters. Louise had felt proud as she saw Hannah walking out of the front door, dressed in her ball dress, made up perfectly.

            She hadn’t recognised the boy who was with her. How much had she missed out on? How much of her daughters life had passed, had they not shared together? Louise was prepared to make up for her mistakes. 

            The kettle boiled. Louise poured the water into her mug and added a teabag and some milk. She flicked the light switch off as she left the kitchen and hesitantly headed for the front room.

There was one small lamp on in the corner of the room. Josh seemed to be sleeping on the sofa next to it. She sat down on the edge of the leather seat and looked at him.

Gradually his eyes flickered open, as he felt her eyes on him. He sat, slowly, upright and the two of them sat, looking at each other, in silence for ten minutes. As Louise felt her eyes beginning to water she walked across to him and sat down on the sofa. He reached up and placed his hand gently on her cheek and wiped away a tear that had escaped. He leaned across and kissed her lips. She kissed back.

In the darkness of the room the two of them found their love rekindled and, when Rosie came down for a glass of water in the early hours of the morning she smiled as she saw them curled up together, fitting into each other in the small space of the sofa.


The End

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