26. HannahMature

They arrived at the ball in a tinted windowed red mini. It was cute and different from the plain old stretched limos that the other girls were arriving in. Luke gave her one last comforting grin before they both stepped out.

            She tried not to look, to make eye contact with him. But Liam was staring at her. She gazed up into his blue eyes.

            “You look beautiful.” He whispered.

            Hannah felt a soft tug at her side and allowed herself to be freed from Liam’s longing gaze to be escorted inside. The entrance hall was big enough to hold the prom in. She took the red rose that was offered to her by the head of her year and walked over to the photo shoot area. Luke wrapped his arm protectively around her as they stood up against the white background, smiling at the camera.

            The ball room was magnificent. Hannah gasped as they walked in, gazing around at the decorations hanging down from the ceiling and the walls. Half of the room was set up with round tables and the other half presented the dancing floor. Hannah and look wandered around, trying to find their name tags on one of the tables. Finally they found it.

            The last pair to enter was Liam and his partner. Hannah felt her heart fall as she saw that the only place left was the one on her table. This has to be some sort of sick joke. She thought to herself.

            Throughout the meal Hannah remained silent. She didn’t want to get into a conversation with him, after spending so much time staying away from him, and she didn’t was to risk bringing up the drugs issue in front of everyone else.

            At the end of the evening, after Hannah had danced with almost every boy in the whole of her year, although keeping the special dances for just her and Luke, the awards were handed out. Best dress.. best dancer… best couple.

            Everyone went silent for that one. It seemed like everyone was holding their breath, now that the spot for prom king and queen had become available there were quite a few couples who stood a chance. It seemed like an age before the envelope was finally opened and the couple were announced.

            “The best couple, and therefore King and Queen of the prom are…”

The End

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