23. LouiseMature

No matter how hard she tried Louise couldn’t stop thinking about them. What do they think of me? She constantly was asking herself. And against her best wishes her mind would trail of to him. Josh. How is he?

            She looked over at Christian. His peaceful face completely oblivious to her suffering as he slept. She knew that he knew that she was constantly thinking about her old life and her kids. She knew it wasn’t fair on him. But she couldn’t help it.

            She missed them.

            Louise lay back down on her back and closed her eyes. She remembered the first day she met Josh. She had arrived at university, burdened under the heavy bags and boxes she was carrying. She had struggled to get the key into the lock of her halls of residence and had stumbled through the door. As she turned to shut the door the box she was carrying slipped out of her hands and crashed down onto the floor. Her books and stationary spilled out onto the lino.

            The three boys and one girl she was sharing her hall with turned around to see what the noise was. Josh was the first to move. He got up out of his seat and strolled, calmly, over to her.

            “Here, let me help you with that.” He bent down and started gathering her books. He was wearing a tight tank top so the arms in his muscles were clear to the world as he easily carried all of her dropped items to her bedroom door.

            “Thank you.” She whispered, unlocking the door, taking back all of her belongings and closed the door behind her. From then on her confidence developed and her embarrassing entrance became a joke that even she laughed about.

            From then on Louise and Josh spent most of their time together, studying, eating and clubbing, and any other university activity. They were inseparable.

            Louise looked back over to Christian. She loved him so much, but her heart was with her children. They meant everything to her. Hannah was growing up so fast and little Rosie’s smile made a whole room glow. Louise sat up in bed. The tears were flowing silently down her cheeks. She pulled off the quilt, walked over to the desk and began writing.


I cant do this anymore Christian. I love you so much,

but the kids mean the world to me. I hope we can still be friends.

With love, Louise.

The End

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