21. HannahMature

It had been weeks since they had talked to each other. Hannah had avoided him although she could see that he was making an effort to talk to her. She couldn’t believe he had lied to her. He loved her but he had never told her the truth. She passed him at lunch, sat outside on one of the benches. As she walked passed she realised that, in his arms, was a girl. He couldn’t. She almost stumbled in shock. He wouldn’t. As she stood there. Staring in shock at the two of them a group of girls walked passed.

            “It’s so sad isn’t it. He dumps her just before the ball and then asks the ugliest girl in school to go with him! The poor girl must be heartbroken.”

            Hannah looked back at Liam. She had told everyone that they had split up. Liam saw her looking and went to stand up. Hannah ran. As she made it round the corner she ran into Matt. She couldn’t help it. She needed to cry. She wrapped her arms around his waist and cried into his shoulder.

Instead of reacting surprised Matt hugged her back. “I heard what happened. I’m really sorry. Truly.”

They stood like that for a few minutes until Hannah’s tears began to subside. Then she felt his body tense, like he was nervous. She looked up at him, her eyes full of confusion.

“What’s wrong?”

Well.. I..” He hesitated. Hannah’s eyes began to widen. “Well.. Do.. I…” Hannah began to push away from him.

“What.” Don’t say it. Don’t say it. She didn’t want anymore confusion in her life.

“I… I was wondering if you would like to go to the ball with me.” Hannah looked back at him in disbelief.

“Matt, I’m sorry but I can’t deal with this right now. I’m sorry.” She took of again and ran to her tutor group. It was empty so she sat down at one of the desks and placed her head in her arms.

She didn’t hear Luke come in. She jumped in surprise when she felt him sit down beside her. He put his arm around her and the two of them sat there, looking at each other.

Luke walked her home that night. She didn’t really know him that well. They had been in the same tutor group for two years but hadn’t talked much. They talked about Liam as they walked but Hannah didn’t feel the normal pain she felt when she thought about him. Luke seemed to help that pain. He hugged her as they arrived at the bottom of the path to her house.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Hannah nodded and turned to walk up the path. “Everything will be alright. I promise.”

She turned back to him and smiled. “Thank you.”

He smiled back and then walked away.

Hannah walked through the door. Her dad was sat by the fire, almost as if he hadn’t moved from the day her mum had left. She felt the same flicker of sadness come back to her and new that Luke was the only person who could keep it out of her.

The End

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