20. FayMature

As the officer opened the door to his cell Fay felt her palms begin to sweat. What if he thought it was her fault he was here? What if he hated her now? The officer looked at her with puzzlement as she hung back away from the open door. She shook her head gently and pushed past him into the cell.

            He was sat in the corner, on his bed. He was looking at his hands and not at her and she could see that he was angry. She sat down at the desk. It was silent for a minute and Fay jumped as the cell door closed with a loud bang.

            She continued to stare at him and he continued to look at his hands.

            They stayed that way for at least ten minutes. Fay was dying to say something but she was afraid. She waited for him to speak.

            Slowly Dan lifted his eyes. Fay forced herself not to shake as she held his gaze. Her mouth was dry and she felt her eyes begin to water.

            “Just…” He began. He stopped and looked back at his hands. What he said next came out as barely a whisper. Fay had to lean forward, against her best effort, to hear. “Just promise me you didn’t turn me in.”

            He raised his head again and looked her in the eye, determined to know the truth.

            “I promise I didn’t turn you in.” She said quietly. His eyes narrowed as he tried to reassure himself that she was telling the truth. “I promise.” She repeated with more force.

            In two fluid movements Dan stood up and crossed the room to stand in front of Fay. At the same time Fay stood up to meet him. The two of them embraced. Fay didn’t realise she was crying until after they had pulled away and she saw the darker patch on his blue t-shirt. She kept whispering over and over “I promise, I promise,” until Dan placed his lips onto hers. It was a gentle kiss but she could feel the forgiveness in it.

            They stood there in silence, occasionally reaching across to kiss, until the door of the cell was opened and Fay was told that she could leave. She gave a last hopeful smile to Dan as she left the room, and Dan returned it with a reassuring grin. She would fight for him. She loved him.

The End

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