19. TaraMature

There was a strange whirring noise and a bright light. A distant faint murmuring seemed to be getting louder and all she could do was lie there.

Tara had awoken a few hours earlier, surrounded by noise. She could feel a faint vibration and, on occasion, a gentle bump. She had realised that she was moving. The voices around her had been urgent and yet quiet, as if they knew that she could hear them and they didn’t want to alarm her. As soon as the voices had gone, and she was still, Tara tried to open her eyes.

A flush of panic had spread through her when her eyelids didn’t respond. She tried to lick her dry lips instead. Again, nothing moved. Tara wanted to cry out but, and this had nothing to do with her dry throat, her lips wouldn’t obey her.

Tara forced herself to breathe. She concentrated on her fingers. She didn’t want to exhaust herself and so fingers seemed to be her best option. Her commanded her index finger to move.

Nothing happened. She redoubled her efforts. Again nothing.


The murmuring turned into full voices and some doors swung open. Tara wanted to open her eyes and see who had come in but she couldn’t, and besides, she recognised the voices instantly.

“Tara!” The camp voice was enough for Tara to know that Pete was beside her. He took her hand and started to stroke it. “What were you thinking! You could have got killed!”

Tara heard a girl sigh. “That was the point you imbecile.” She wasn’t sure but it was either Nicki or Lucy who had spoke. The pair of them were practically identical, even their voices were similar.

“I told you she was an attention seeker. This was just her was to make people notice her.” Tara almost cried out as Kim’s sneering voice split through the air.

The girls continued to talk whilst Pete held her hand. Tara was shocked at some of the things they had said. She thought they were her friends, but it seemed that, behind her back, they were just as bitchy as the rest of them.

Finally when they had gone, none of them saying a proper goodbye to her, she wanted to burst with anger, scream out at them that they were horrible friends. But it wouldn’t have made a difference.


It was silent for a long time. Tara didn’t know whether it was night or day. Gradually an itch spread across her nose. It was like torture. She longed to reach up and scratch it, feel the pleasure as it left her skin. But she couldn’t move. She wanted to cry but her eye lids were closed and the tears stung her eyes.

The End

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