18. HannahMature

“Hannah Hannah Hannah!”

The noise from that girl is endless. The girl lying on the small bed in the purple room thought. She groaned as she twisted up on her bed so that she was sat on the edge.

“What.” She grunted.

“Daddy says you have to tuck me into bed because mummy isn’t here.”

The girl slipped into her slippers and pulled on her dressing gown. She stumbled over to the door and flung it open.

“Well. Come on then.” She pushed her little sister into the smallest room of the house. It was cluttered with dolls and horses. Her sister jumped into bed and she pulled the covers up to her neck.

“There. Happy now?”

Her sister nodded. She turned and headed towards the door.

“Daddy’s lying isn’t he?” Hannah stopped. Her shoulders drooped and she turned back to face Rosie. Her face was so smooth. Hannah reached up and touched her own spotty face.

“Why do you say that?” She walked back to Rosie’s bedside and sat down on the seat beside her bed.

“He took a long time to reply when I asked him where mummy was and he didn’t look into my eyes.”

The older girl shook her head. Her hair slid over her shoulder. It was the same colour as her mothers and she had always worn it the same length as her mums.

“Yes. He was lying. But you shouldn’t worry about it.”

“But I want to know where mummy is.”

The whinny voice was beginning to give Hannah a headache.

“I said you shouldn’t worry about it.” 

Hannah stood up and made her way back to her room. She already had so much on her mind and she hated her mum for being so selfish. She had known from the start what was going on. Her parent’s romance was ending and her mother wanted to be loved. This man was handsome, he could afford a flat in the city but most of all, he loved her mother. She would have been happy for her mother if that was all. But her father was unhappy. She had heard him say to her mum that if she left him he would keep her daughters from seeing her. Why would she leave if she wanted to see her children again? Obviously she didn’t. She thought. Great. Her boyfriend had revealed to her that he was taking drugs, and now her mum had selfishly left her and her sister. Could my life get any worse?        

The End

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