17. FayMature

Three years she’d known her. Three years. Did that not mean anything to Jane?

            Late that evening, after Dan had got home from work the whole house was illuminated by the swirling blue lights. Several knocks at the door and the command to “open the door, this is the police” brought the lovers out of there trance on the sofa. The police didn’t ask too many questions. They saw the bruise on her face, the tears streaming down her cheeks as Dan was escorted to the police station, never once looking back at her.

            The police left almost as quickly as they had come. Fay curled up in a ball on the sofa and cried. Why did I answer the door? Why did I tell her the truth? Why didn’t I tell Dan? She curled up tighter, burying her head into her legs. Now Dan will think that I betrayed him.

            The rest of the night past with Fay not knowing what time it was. She couldn’t remember how long it had been since they took him. It was so dark but Fay remained curled up on the sofa. She had stopped crying. She wasn’t sad anymore. She was angry; angry with herself, angry with Jane, angry with the police. But she wasn’t angry with Dan.

            In the morning the police returned. They escorted her to the police station where she was placed in a small white room with a desk and two chairs. She sat down at the table and took a sip from the plastic cup of water she’d been given. A single police officer entered the room and sat opposite her.

            He waited for a minute before he spoke. In that time, Fay never made eye contact.

            “You have been in a close relationship with Daniel Lawrence for four years and five months, correct?”

            Fay nodded.

            “And has he always harmed you, using drink as an excuse of his actions?”

            “It’s not an excuse. It’s the truth. He drinks a lot, and very heavily. He doesn’t want to hurt me and he’s always sorry in the morning. If I hated him for it I would have come to the police myself. But I don’t. I love him. And he promised me that he would try to get away from alcohol.”

            The police man look at her for a while, as if he was trying to pick out some hint of a lie from what she had just said. She looked him straight in the eye. She wasn’t afraid of him and she knew it was the truth.

The End

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