15. TaraMature

Tara felt a single tear trickle down her cheek. It was cold and, as the wind blew gently against her face, she felt it dry.

            The car park was almost empty. The dull light from the cloud covered moon was enough to show an Aston Martin at the far end of the lot. Tara sighed as she thought to herself what a beautiful design it was. Sleek and shiny.

She turned her head away from the car. The multi-storey looked out over the city. She could see the spire of the cathedral towering above the shops and houses.   

Behind her, her house lay in the distance. Her parents would be sleeping now. Her friends and her brother would probably be out clubbing. Tara placed her hands on the cold concrete wall. It would be so easy.

She pushed up with her arms and swung her legs over the side, perching on the edge. She looked down. The street below her was empty. It was lined with Victorian terraced houses, all of which had there curtains drawn. Apart from one.

She could see, from the glow that shone through the pane, a woman stood in the window. She was wearing a dress that hung from her shoulders. As Tara continued to watch, a man appeared beside her and they embraced. It was a gentle hold, but one of love. Tara felt so empty. No-body liked her. They put on false smiles in front of her and talked behind her back. She felt like her life wasn’t worth living anymore.

Slowly she stood up, being careful not to stumble. She wanted to control this.

The wind suddenly picked up, as if pushing her back onto firm ground. But she wanted to do this. She had to. Slowly she closed her eyes, spread out her arms, like an eagle about to fly, and pushed off, into the abyss.

As she fell, Tara heard the wind whistling past her ears. She felt as though she were in a bubble. A bubble that could easily pop. Tara smiled a parting smile. She felt at peace all of a sudden, as though nothing in the world mattered anymore. She was just falling, and she always would be.

But that wouldn’t be the case. Tara didn’t open her eyes. She didn’t want to see the blackness coming up to meet her, to swallow her whole. She just wanted to feel this free for her last few seconds of her life.

The End

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