14. FayMature

Obviously postmen did gossip.

            Fay was pestered all day by people coming and knocking on her door. She told them all the same story; she tripped ad hit her head, but she could tell that no-one believed her. Finally, the one person Fay wanted to avoid turned up.

            “Fay! Fay! Answer the door this instant. I know your in there The whole neighbourhood knows your in there. So ANSWER THE DOOR!”

            Fay sighed. She couldn’t ignore her best friend forever, and she was slightly worried that the door would give way at any second, so she opened it. She nearly lost balanced as Jane pounced on her, hugging her.

            “Finally! You know how worried I get when you don’t answer my calls.” Jane placed her hands on Fays shoulders and moved back to survey her face. It seemed that everyone now knew about the bruise.

            “What happened honey?”

            “I just tripped and fell onto the table. It’s just a small bruise. I felt a little light headed and so I decided to stay in all day.”

            Jane saw right through the lie. She always did.

            “You know that that’s not true. Come on Fay, tell me the truth. Did he hit you?” She hit the hammer right on the nail. Fay gulped and Jane gave a triumphant smile. “I knew it! I knew it! Why didn’t you tell me sweetie? We could have done something about it.”

            She led Fay into the lounge and sat her down on the sofa.

            “Jane, you don’t understand…” Fay tried to explain but Jane jumped in.

            “Of course I understand. I’m your best friend. He beats you, I know. You should go straight to the police, they’ll give him what he deserves!”

            “No!” Fay blurted out. “Listen to me Jane.” Jane’s mouth snapped shut. “He only hits me when he’s drunk. He doesn’t realise he’s doing it. He’s always sorry in the morning when he wakes up. I won’t go to the police Jane.”

            “But he’s hurting you Fay.”

            Fay stood up and looked down at Jane. “I love him.” She whispered.

            “Well if you won’t tell then I will.” Jane stood up and tried to push past Fay, but Fay took Jane’s arms and looked her in the eye.    

            “I won’t let you Jane. I love him and he loves me. If I have to keep you here to stop you from telling then I will. Promise me, Jane, promise me you won’t go to the police.”

            Jane looked at the floor before looking back at Fay.

            “You really love him, enough that you don’t care if he hurts you.”

            “He promised me that he will try and get sober. Please Jane.”

            Jane again looked away. “Alright Fay, I promise.”

The End

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