13. HannahMature

They sat there in the car for another hour, the two of them wrapped around each other. Finally Liam made the decision that he should take her home. They drove in silence for most of the way.

            Hannah looked out into the rain. It fell across the windows in waves. Every now and again it was illuminated as they drove under a lamppost.

            As they pulled up outside her house, Liam leant over and placed his hand gently on her cheek. She leant back, into him, allowing him to place his lips on hers. He pulled away and looked down into her eyes. She could see that his had become watery and so she looked back, confused.

            He sighed and leant back into his chair.

            “Hannah. I have something really important to tell you. But before I say it,” He looked back at her. “I love you. A lot. I just wanted you to know that.”

            Hannah sat there, trying to figure out what he meant.

            “I’m addicted to heroin.” He said it bluntly, as if it were the only way to say it. Hannah looked back again, still confused. As the words sunk in her eyes, too, began to water.

            “I’ll see you at school.” She whispered, trying not to shake. “Thanks for driving me home.” She opened the car door and stepped out into the rain. She closed the car door and stood in the cold for a few seconds, allowing the rain to calm her down. As she walked down the path towards her house she could hear Liam calling to her, apologising. She didn’t turn. She didn’t want him to see she was crying. 

            Hannah almost ran through the door and up the stairs, quickly glancing her dad sat in the kitchen next to the fire, asleep. She ran into her bedroom and flung herself onto her bed. She pulled the covers around her and cried. She had loved him and he loved her, but he hadn’t told her the truth. But it all made sense to her now. The days of school, the evenings she had gone over to find him out cold on his bed or extremely relaxed. But she couldn’t imagine him taking drugs. He was so careful about everything else. He had stopped her from smoking, from accepting any pills at clubs.

            Hannah pulled the covers even tighter around her as she quietly sobbed herself to sleep.

The End

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