12. LouiseMature

They arrived at his apartment an hour after leaving her own house. They hadn’t talked about Josh or the kids the entire way and Louise refused to think about them. She wanted to fit into her knew life and she wanted it to be perfect.

            He opened the door, keeping his eyes on her all the time, watching for her reaction. Slowly he pushed the door open and Louise’s eyes searched into the darkness, keen to know what the apartment looked like. He smiled at her, happy that she wanted to see her knew home.

            He took her hand and pulled her through the open door. He flicked a light switch on the left of the door and turned back to face her. Louise glanced around, trying to take in everything at once.

            Her first thought was that it was very clean and tidy for a man living on his own. The carpet was a creamy colour, the walls were a warm, pastel shade of yellow. There was one leather sofa in the middle of the room facing a large, flat screen TV. On the far side of the room, causing Louise to gasp, was a beautiful grand piano.

            Christian smiled again. “Do you like it?” He asked.

            Louise opened her mouth to speak but her throat was dry. She nodded instead. He seemed to hum with pleasure. She looked up at him and he leant down and pressed his lips lightly onto hers. She kissed him back. It was perfect.

            “You haven’t seen the rest yet.”

            Louise realised with shock that there had to be more. The living room was so perfect that she hadn’t thought that there could have been more. He lead her around, showing her each room in turn. Each room had its own colour scheme but none of them clashed with the last room she had been in.

            The last room they went to, of course, was the bedroom. The walls were a light blue. The curtains were a deep, rich blue. It was simply laid out with a wardrobe, a double bed and a bedside table. It wasn’t a large room but even with the three items in it, it still looked empty.

            At this point Christian took both of her hands. She looked up at him and realised that his eyes seemed to want something. The hunger in them made her shiver, but not with fear. Instead, she realised, she was hungry for it to. She knew her eyes must portray her own hunger and so she leant forwards. They didn’t wait.

            The passion that flowed between them could have been electric. He pulled her over to the bed and she quickly slipped out of the loose top and leggings she had been wearing. Her hands desperately reached up, fumbling with the buttons on his shirt.

            The light was dull in the room as they made love.

The End

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