11. TaraMature

Tara always had days off school. She tried to avoid it if physically possible, but sometimes her mind would take over and she would lye in her bed, softly sobbing all day. When she did finally get into school everyone acted as if nothing was the matter. They all knew why she wasn’t there and, most likely, they didn’t care.

            As Tara walked through the gate into school she felt as though she were invisible. No one turned to look at her, no one came running over to ask her if she was alright. She carried on walking, up the front steps and into the main building of her school.

            As she walked along the corridor she felt cold and alone. Not even the bright posters and interesting artwork pinned up on the walls helped to make her feel warmer.

            She passed several doors on her way to her tutor room. Every room was empty. Tara thought she could hear voices as she approached her room. She was right; there were three people in there. Tara recognised Emily and Kim’s voices drifting through the half open door, but she didn’t recognise the third. It was male.

            She hesitated before reaching for the door.

“Its pathetic, it really is.” Tara froze. “She thinks that she can mope around at home, balling her eyes out, threatening to kill herself. Its just attention seeking, that’s all.” Kim giggled as Emily finished talking.

Tara heard the boy move across the room. “I agree. She doesn’t have any real friends, she’s not pretty and she’s pathetic at everything else. It’s sad really, how low some of us go to get attention. But she wouldn’t really kill herself. She would have the courage to do it, not in the end.”

            Suddenly Tara recognized the male voice. It was her brothers. He was two years older than her, in his final year at school. He hated his sister. Tara didn’t wait to hear anymore. She ran back down the corridor, not turning to see her brother standing outside her tutor room, grinning.

            She hated them all. She knew that Emily and Kim weren’t close friends, none of them were, but she thought that they were closer than that.

            Tara felt lost. She didn’t know what to do. As her body began to shake uncontrollably she threw herself behind the large bins in the corner of the playground. She curled up and cried. As She shook the thoughts came back to her and her mind was submerged in her dark thoughts.

The End

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