10. FayMature

“I’m sorry. You know that don’t you. I would never hurt you otherwise. I just can’t help it. It’s the drink.”

            Fay took a sip of her tea and spoke. “Dan, I know it’s the drink and I know you’re sorry. You say it every time. I understand and I forgive you. You know how much I love you.”

            Dan took a sigh of relief. “I love you too.”

            The house always seemed empty when Dan went to work. Fay went about her daily routine; cleaning, making lunch, having more cups of tea, reading the newspaper, watching TV. She never once left her house. At 3 o’clock the phone rang. She let it ring until the answer phone turned on.

            “Fay? You know that I know that your there. You can’t hide from me forever and you’re going to tell me what’s going on. I want to see you again. Call me. Jane.”

            Fay sighed. She hated hiding from her friends. But she didn’t want to get Dan into trouble. He would most likely be arrested if news got out that he was beating her. And the most likely cause of news spreading was if she let her friends see her. They were the most gossipy bunch of girls in the history of the Ely. 

            Fay looked up in shock as the door bell went. She went to the window and peaked out through the closed curtains. She sighed in relief. Just the post man. She walked up to the door and carefully opened it, trying to keep the light from reaching her bruise.

            “Good afternoon. Could you sign this please?”

            She reached out and signed the form and reached out to take her parcel. She looked up and noticed that the post man was looking at her strangely. She realised that she had stepped out into the light and he was staring at her bruise. She laughed quietly, trying to relax the mood.

            “I trip and hit my head on the table. It’s nothing to worry about.”

He smiled but she could see that he was still unsure.

“Well. Bye.”

She closed the door and leant against the wall. She felt the coldness of the plaster cool her back and she sighed. Post men don’t gossip do they? She thought to herself. If they do then this is going to be all over the town before the evening. She felt the tears running freely down her cheeks and went and curled up on the sofa. If the police find out

Fay shuddered.   

The End

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