9. HannahMature

The evening didn’t go exactly to plan. They had a great time at the restaurant, although it was slightly awkward at times. Jake and Kate spent the entire time gazing into each others eyes, snogging like crazy and basically embarrassing Liam and Hannah in front of an entire set of waiters, waitresses and general customers. Liam said he didn’t mind, and occasionally tried to snog Hannah himself but she was uncomfortable.

            She couldn’t stop thinking about her dad. It was hard for him, she was sure. He loved her mum so much. But Hannah didn’t know who to side with. Christian was making her mother happy, but was taking her away from her husband and kids. Mum was split between happiness with a man and happiness with her children and Dad was upset because he was losing his wife. But it was dad who was keeping her away from her mum. She wouldn’t be allowed to see her again. Hannah didn’t think that was fair.

            Liam began to notice something was wrong as Hannah picked at the pasta.

            “Shall I tell them to stop?” Hannah looked up, puzzled, and then realise that he was talking about Kate and Jake. They had wrapped there arms around each other and were in the middle of what looked like the kiss of death.

            “No. Leave them. There happy.”

            “Then what’s wrong?” Liam wrapped his arms around Hannah, who then began to cry. Liam paid for the bill and the two of them left the lovers at the table and began to walk to his car, comforting the weeping girl.

            “My mums run off with some super hot guy who she loves. I don’t know what to do. She’s so happy with him but now dads upset. Before she went he told her that she could go with him, but if she did then she would never get to see us again.” Hannah broke off into another fit of crying. Liam carried her into the back of the car and sat down beside her. He kissed her gently on the forehead and then on the lips. In the calming glow of the streetlamp above them Hannah slowly began to quieten down. Her shoulders were still shaking though and Liam pulled her closer to him. He continued to kiss her on her head and whispered to her.

            “It’s going to be okay.” She looked up at him. Her face was wet with tears and her eyes were bloodshot but he didn’t see that. He just saw the girl he fell in love with. The girl he still loved. 

            “I love you.” They began to kiss, gently at first and then more fiercely

The End

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