8. LouiseMature

“I don’t know what to do.”

The Indian restaurant was beautiful. The food was great and the decorations gave out the perfect atmosphere. But Louise only sat there and picked at her food.

            “Do what you think is best. As all romantics say ‘follow your heart’”

It was supposed to be funny but she continued to look down at the table.

“I want you to be with me. I’ll leave my wife, we can buy a flat in the city and we can live the rest of our lives together. Josh can’t keep your kids from you, it’s illegal, I’m sure.”

She looked up at him in shock. “You’re married?” She looked down at his hand. Of course, she thought, I should have seen.

He covered his hand, and the small band of gold, as if in embarrassment. “Do you love me?”

She looked up at him. His eyes, his face shape, his build. He was perfect.

“Of course I do.”

“Then come with me.”

She nodded. Yes, she would. If he was willing to leave his life behind for her, the she would leave hers for him.


Once they had finished their meal he drove her back to her house. She ran up to the house, fumbling with the door key, ran up the stairs and grabbed a bag. She stuffed a few items of clothing in and her wallet. As she turned to leave she saw that Josh was stood in the doorway.

“Don’t try to change my mind. I’m leaving and that’s final. I’ll pick up the rest of my stuff soon.”

“The kids?” She could see the pain in his face. His eyes were watering but he was trying to look strong.

“I don’t want to discuss any of this now. Goodbye Josh.”

He stepped out of her way as she ran back down the stairs. As she passed the table by the front door she slipped her wedding ring off and dropped it by the phone. That was it. She was free. She ran down the path and slipped into the black car. She turned to Christian who leant across, wrapped his arm around her neck and kissed her. It was gentle but passionate.

It was love.    

The End

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