4. TaraMature

The buffet was all laid out and barely touched. A few of the cheesy cheddars had been munched on, but the majority of the night had been spent playing on sing star and chatting about boys.

            It was Tara’s fifteenth birthday and although she felt she was getting a little old for sleepovers, her mother had insisted. She had said that Tara never saw her friends out side of school anymore, and although Tara didn’t want to admit it, she new it was true. She spent most of the week, when she wasn’t in school, tucked up in her dark bedroom, sat on her computer or reading.

            So here they were, sat in her living room, choosing which film to watch. Nicki and Lucy wanted to watch “27 Dresses”, Emily and Kim wanted to watch “Mean Girls” and Pete, Tara’s gay boy friend, wanted to watch “She’s the Man”. A full fledged argument was erupting and Tara was getting a headache. She left her friends to go and get a paracetamol.

            Tara poured herself out a glass of water and took the packet off the shelf. How many times had she thought about taking an overdose, ending her dull life. Tara shook her head. Now was not the time to be thinking about her major depressive disorder. Tara took her tablet and made her way back to the living room. It seemed to have quietened down so she went in.

            The five of them had settled down in different places over the room and were munching away on the buffet. She’s the Man was starting. Pete looked happy with himself and was curled up in her fathers armchair. Kim and Emily didn’t look to downhearted and were sat on the fur rug by the fireplace giggling. However, Nicki and Lucy, who had spread themselves out over the leather sofa, did not look impressed.

            “We’ve seen this movie hundreds of times!!” Nicki was moaning at Pete.

He just shrugged his shoulders and said “That’s because it’s just so amazing.”

Lucy glared at him. “Just because it has a gay guy in it doesn’t mean its amazing.”

Pete looked at her in shock. “Look, we’re watching it whether you like it or not.”

Tara decided it was time to intervene. “We can watch all three movies. We have time. This is a sleepover for heavens sake.”

Pete nodded in agreement. “Exactly.”  

            Nicki and Lucy, although still fuming, decided to give in, although Nicki left one last comment before crossing her arms and glaring at the TV, “fine, but bagsy watch our film next.” And that was it. Pete gave an encouraging smile at Tara and she gave a wavering one back. They were an odd bunch, but Tara didn’t mind. Finally she was getting some time to rebuild her friendship, and, being her birthday, she didn’t want anything to ruin the night.

The End

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