3. HannahMature

Hannah strode down the corridor. Her heels clattered out the familiar tune which everyone knew. She smiled to herself as the younger girls looked up at her in awe. Apparently, she thought, I’m pretty. But she knew that she was only the talk of the school because of the thick mask that hid her true self from the world. She’d woken up this morning with yet another spot swelling up on her forehead. She got through so much foundation that she was constantly buying knew tubes. She felt her step slow and brought herself back to the current situation. She shook out her brown hair, streaked with blond highlights and continued to walk purposely to the canteen.

            As she walked through the canteen door she saw him immediately; the school heart-throb. And he was hers. The smile escaped out onto her lips. As if he could sense her, Liam turned around. The girls who surrounded him turned as well before whispering to each other and stalking off. She sat down and pulled a packet of crisps out of her bag. She turned and looked into Liam’s eyes, and he looked back. 


            Instead of a reply he reached over and pressed his lips firmly on hers.

            “Oh please. Get a room!” She heard someone whisper. She giggled and pulled away. Kate was smiling at her. They had been friends for since first year and the two of them were very close. It was her who had whispered. Hannah twisted and leant against Liam’s side. He turned to allow her to fit into him. He wrapped his arm around her and leant down and kissed the top of her head.

            “So what’s the plan for this weekend then? We know about Saturday night, my house, but what about Sunday? Any ideas?”

            “Well, I think that we don’t have much time just talking. How about we wander around town and chat.”

            “Always the romantic.” Kate laughed at the boy she was currently cuddling. Jake looked back at her and frowned.

            “I was being serious.” Jake was slightly dumb in Hannah’s opinion. He wasn’t quite connected with the daily goings on. But he was hot and Kate loved him. Hannah respected that and so she stifled the laugh that was trying to escape. Liam must have felt her because he squeezed his arm, showing that he felt the same way.

            “I agree with Jake. We should talk more.”

            “You mean more than normal?” Hannah was confused as to where this was going. They shared three classes together, they talked at lunch and break, they walked home together and they were always on the phone. Talk more?

            “Yeah. The four of us. I bet, if I was given a quiz about the most mundane things in your life I would fail, miserably. How about, seeing as we will have been pissed the night before, let’s go out and have dinner.”

            Hannah raised an eyebrow. “Dinner? Out?” She shrugged. “Alright.”

            The others just nodded.

The End

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