The traffic light blinked yellow as she stared at it. There was no one else around the woman as she sat on her motorcycle. She was in no hurry as she pulled out her phone and switched the song that somewhat obnoxiously poured from her earbuds. A frown crossed her young lips as she finally decided on one and kicked the bike into gear.

She rode past the outskirts of town and reached the abandoned highway.There were no other vehicles around as she cruised down the windy road. It had to be about two AM by now. Wind slapped her alabaster face with icy tendrils as her speed increased, but she didn't mind it, anything was better than the war being waged around her. Her gray eyes flickered down at her hands for a moment before looking up to round a large curve. Her body leaned with the metal beast as they reached the peak of the curve. 

The air was already chilly as it was mid-November, the 15th or so, but the temperature drop as she stared down the suddenly steep incline. Stormy eyes narrowed as the motorcycle screeched to a halt. “Show yourself.” 

Dark mist swirled over the road and began to creep towards the woman. A figure stepped up from the midst of it and began the assent to where the woman was. “Its been a long time…” He murmured and stood straight. He was raven haired and of medium build. “Braen.” The woman stiffened, her tone hard as storm met fiery gems. 

“Why do you look at me with such hatred..?” a frown crossed his lips as his head tilted slightly.

A snarl escaped her lips as she clenched her fist. “You know exactly why. This whole thing is your fault.” The man did not respond but merely sighed. Moments of uncomfortable silence passed before he spoke again “You have been deceived as well, my love…” Her nostrils flared as she stepped closer to him. “I am not your love. I was never your love. Never your anything.”

Braen stiffened and looked at her sadly, his eyes traveling down her slender frame to her gloved right hand, which twitched at the rate he could practically hear her heart beating at. Her breath could be seen against the moonlight as it was wisped away. Her anger boiled at this man for showing his face again. 

“I’m not your enemy…” he said and met her eyes. Her body went rigid, all movements ceasing momentarily, even her breathing. 

Braen could practically see the wheels whirring in her mind then pausing too. He knew this woman well, but now even she turned her back on him in his time of need.

Her right hand continued to tap as her left slightly twitched before reaching to her waistband and pulling out her weapon. There was a gasp farther away. Braen turned to look as another figure ran up the hill towards him. The raven haired man wasn't alarmed in the least but the ashen haired younger male was suddenly frantic. “M-Master..!” 

The woman’s eyes flickered over at the teenager who positioned him in front of Braen and stared down the barrel of the 45. Sky blue eyes were wide with not fear, but worry for the older man’s life. “Sodom… Please step aside.” Braen murmured and rested a hand on his shoulder. “I have to protect you, Sir.” he responded evenly.

There was a sharp click as the woman cocked the 45 and gazed steely at the two. “Move before I put a bullet in you, kid.” She said as she rested her finger on the trigger. Her eyes narrowed as the younger man refused to move. “You will not hurt my master.” His blue orbs looked at the revolver with no fear of death or injury, nothing could be seen besides the unwavering loyalty swimming at the surface. 

“It’s your funeral.” She murmured and pulled the trigger.

The End

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