When I Went into the Trees

Havent quite got the whole thing planned out yet but people are bugging me to write something :P

"Tell me again mother.  Tell me again why we can't go into the forest"

"Are you sure?"


And so the child's mother began.  Talking of dancing trees, and isolated villages, towering mountains and of magic so powerful, no one can fully understand it.

It's a tale all parents tell to the children; warning them of the dangers that lurk in the woods at the edge of our village, it's a story that has been round for centuries.

Some think it is all nonsense, and some would not step into the forest to save a life. 

I used to be one of those people who thought the story was just an old wives tale, criticising the ones who believed.  That was until the twenty-second of November, at around eight o'clock, when I went into the trees.


Chapter One


I hear voices shouting in the distance, horses' hooves pounding on the damp earth.  I slump back against the tree that I'm hiding behind, thinking of what to do next.

I know what I should do - what I need to do to save my life - but this thing is something that everyone I have ever known has forbidden. 

"I don't believe.  There is nothing to believe," I whisper, desperately trying to convince myself to get up and run.

I peek around the tree - the soldiers are still scouting the area.  As one of them turn slightly away from me I start to slide through the undergrowth.

I had forgotten about the light rain that had just started and I am quickly covered with mud. 

I had also forgotten about the movement the long grasses I was crawling through would make.  I suddenly take notice of the rustling noises I was making and stop.

Too late.

"Over here!" one of the soldiers calls.

 "Damn" I say under my breath.

I should have stayed behind the tree - thought over things more.

One of the soldiers had obviously seen me moving.  I hear the thudding of the horses coming in my direction.

Any moment now they will be on top of me.

I close my eyes, waiting to be trampled, or for the soldiers to find me.

A hand grabs mine, dragging me to my feet.  I expect to be beaten or to be thrown onto a horse.  Instead, I am pulled sideways and made to run.

I open my eyes, terrified by what I might see.  A girl is running in front of me, her dark hair flowing out behind her.  I look down at our hands, her dark skin contrasting with my own - pale and porcelain like.  Her grip on my hand is starting to hurt but I am glad of her guidance.  She suddenly turns her head to look at me - still running - and flashes me a smile.  I know who it is. 

I breathe a sigh of relief and let myself be taken with her.  I don't care about the branches scratching at my face or the overgrown grass that pulls at my feet. 

"Anisa!" I call, having to yell over the sound of the horses rapidly catching up behind us.

"To the forest!" Anisa shouts back.  "They won't follow us there."

We run just a little more and we're there.  We're in the trees.

Anisa was right, as soon as the soldiers come towards the forest they rear back on their horses and stop. 

"You better come back out girls" one man shouts through the brambles at us.

"You know what happens to naughty children who into the forest don't you?" calls another.

I hear Anisa laugh under her breath. "Why don't you come in here yourselves and get us?" she says back.

The soldiers exchange glances, some have already turned away and the rest follow shortly.

Anisa just gives a slight grin and pulls me by the arm to walk deeper into the forest.

The End

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