When I was Young

What I did, when. I guess you could call it a poem...but I think it basically throws up the concept of childhood & limits


When I was one, I completed my smile with teeth. My cheesy grin would shine true.

When I was two, I played in the meadows of Oxford, frolicking through the flowers, happy as can be.

When I was three, I ran through the heather moors of the Highlands, free as an eagle, but slightly smaller.

When I was four, I didn’t want to go to bed.

When I was five, I wanted to be the perfect ballerina.

When I was six, I spent my time dreaming of days to come.

When I was seven, I believed I was a mermaid princess, trapped somehow in this form.

When I was eight, I thought that was all very silly, and so was the colour pink.

When I was nine, I stuck fast with my beliefs.

When I was ten, I realised that there wasn’t a hamster heaven.

When I was eleven, I thought myself ever so grown-up to enter secondary school.

When I was twelve, I stumbled into teenagehood, thinking it rather mean.

When I was thirteen, I felt the pains of an unrequited love gone too far.

When I was fourteen, I feared gaining weight, but now I wonder why I couldn’t see how skinny I was.

When I was fifteen, I fell in love, which made me blind to the abusive side of my lover.

When I was sixteen, I made lots of boys fall in love with me, but none were as good as him…

When I was seventeen, I discovered the roof on the ceiling.

When I was eighteen, I moved to a better house with a higher ceiling.

The End

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