When i was Thrirteen i had my first love!!!!Mature

A story og the song "Baby" by Justin Beiber.

I was in this disco last night with my mates, Tasha, Kayla and Nicole. They saw this guy, his name was Justin Beiber, and they thought he was so hot but they all had boyfriends.

"He soo looks like YOUR type Rosa, go talk to him" said Tasha. Tasha was the matchmaker of the gang. She knew EVERYTHING about dating.

"Since when did you Know MY type. And no way am i talking to HIM!!!"

"I dare you!!!!"Kayla said. I didn't bother to argue with her because she would call me a chicken for the rest of my life. When i say that, i MEAN it.There used to be five of us, there was us four and Laya.Kayla dared her to egg a school CCTV camara but she didn't. Kayla bugged her so much, she moved to Australia!!!!!!!!!   

The End

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