when We Were Young

When I was very young I had blue eyes to match my father’s. I lost them about the same time I lost the adverb Very, and now I match my mother’s brown ones.

When I was young, red was my favourite colour because it tasted the best. I still maintain that the best popsicles are the ambiguous red flavoured ones, and that the best juice is red juice.

When I was young I wanted a Clydesdale or a Shire horse named Jericho, with a dark brown coat and creamy white fetlocks. I still do.

When I was young I entertained myself in the car by snapping my fingers or clicking my tongue after predetermined events: after passing a telephone pole, a bus shelter, an intersection, ten yellow dashes on the road… the list goes on and on.

When I was very young I believed that China was part of Vancouver. I also believed that Jesus was crucified on the ski jumps in Calgary. Go figure.

When I was young I could spend hours wandering around a forest and never become lost, always able to point myself back in the direction I had come. Now, I can return almost anywhere if taken there once.

When I was young I was obsessive over the Star Wars movies and novels. To this day, I’ve read the twenty-two books of the New Jedi Order series at least three times each, some of them up to six times. This isn’t surprising, as I have a tendency to reread novels: “the War of the Flowers” by Tad Williams is just over eight-hundred pages long, and I try to read it once a year. This year should see me reading it for the fifth time.

When I was young I wanted to become and Olympian, preferably a cyclist, because one of the men from the Canadian rowing team came to my class and said that McDonalds supplied some of the food, and it was all free. Clearly I didn’t understand how diet figured into the life of an athlete.

When I was young I was an incessant liar, always concocting stories to captivate and instil envy in my friends. I still do, but now I know that’s called creative fiction.

The End

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