When I Was A Little'un

Little memories...

When I was young I managed to bang my head on something everywhere I went. Explains a lot.

When I was young I thought babies came from eggs like chickens.

When I was young my friends dared me to kiss Tanya, a pretty girl in our class. I did it. Possibly the bravest thing I've ever done. I still remember how surprised she looked.

When I was young I danced around on a train to Disney Land wearing Mickey Mouse ears...only to be told by a nice gentleman that we were on the wrong train.

When I was young my dad took me to get my face painted like a tiger and didnt wash it off. I was bright orange for days.

When i was young my mum told me to stay away from the strange man who always walked past our house. Years later I realised why.

When I was younger my Grandad played a game where he would hide soft mints in both of his hands and tell me to pick one. If I picked 'the one hand' with the mint I got to eat it. I won every time. (R.I.P  xxx)

When I was (very) young I couldn't pronounce my name and instead of saying Christopher I would say Kipter... my dad still calls me Kipter.

When I was youngest, for my first christmas twelve days after I was born, I was given a hand puppet. I named him puppy because when I was learning to talk I couldnt say puppet. I always take him if I am going away somewhere - he has been to five countries and a number of places in those countries, he was with me when I was in hospital, he spent this last year with me at university, and he is still in pretty good condition after all these years. He is under my bed right now.

The End

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