His Blood was Mine

My blood is yours?  How was I supposed to take that.  I think I mumbled a thank you, I remember his lips being red, his eyes dimming as the flourescence left them.  He stared at me for a moment and walked off into the night.
I woke the next day feeling as if I could conquer the world.  It was Saturday and I almost couldn't sit still with the energy that was setting up residence inside me.
I walked to the window and flung open the blinds.  I gasped as the light hit me, it literally hit me, like a transient object.  It felt like I could touch it and it would have weight and mass.
Once I adjusted to the light, my eyes perceived, they didn't see, no, it was much more than that, I could see nests in the trees, I could see insects crawling from under the bark.  High in the sky a bird circled, I knew it to be an eagle and I knew what it sought, I saw the little fellow crawl under a leaf in my neighbors yard.
I jumped up and hurried out the door, I had to see more but, I hadn't been prepared, sounds.. Birds, dogs, cats, somewhere a rooster crowed, a horse winnied, I could hear the buzzing of the many insects, the flapping of wings.  It overwhelmed me, I placed my hands over my ears.  It was too much.  Sinking to the ground I began to cry.  I felt someone pull me up, I saw his eyes before I fell faint..

The End

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