What I noticed was true

I stared at my hand..  Shaken, I felt faint, my knees buckled, I started to sink to the floor.  He grabbed me by my collar.  "Oh no there'll be none of that."
Staring in my eyes he wrapped his hand around mine bringing it to his lips.  I watched, curiously unafraid. 
His eyes began to glow, I felt warmth flow from his hand to mine.  He placed his lips over the bullet hole, I didn't even pull back, he cleaned off the excess blood with his tongue..
I closed my eyes, he caressed my hand, I let myself go, just gave in to the feeling that had overcome me.
As quickly as he'd grabbed me, he let me go, I fell to the floor..  The hole in my hand was closed, totally healed.                             "My blood is your blood"

The End

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