The Death Meant for Him

I could tell he was upset that he now owed me his life. That’s not something that people usually let slide. But I was humble.
“Thank me.” I said after a few minutes of us glaring at each other.
“Never,” Alex closed his eyes insolently. “Please, let me go.” I then realized that I was still holding his shirt.
“You’re bleeding. How is…?” It was impossible to understand. Could I have been wrong? Was he not what I though he was? Was there another secret of which I wasn’t aware? Why was my hand throbbing?
My face contorted unconsciously as I tried to understand. It was he that pried my fingers from him clothes.
“No,” His breath was unsteady. “You are. The bullet hit you.” With his words, I took a step back.
My fingers had been painted red with the death meant for him.

The End

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