Ingrid Smith- Creative Writer

I am Ingrid Smith, I am in grade six of Mrs. Erickson's class. I am eleven years, three months and seven days old.

I want to be a creative writer.  I don't want to be just a stupid boring writer like the ones that write about poloticks  poloticts  and math and stuff.

I want to be a CREATIVE writer. When I write I create what I'm writing.   What I write about comes true. Get it?  If I write about mme Lily dancing through the door in a floorescent  floresent    gaudy glowey green tutu, then she will come twirling through the French class door in a glowy tutu, and she will trip on her double chin!  I have drawn a picture of this possible happening , and attacked it to this page.

I will make things better, just by writing about them. I would write about the whole world being warm, and Zap! there will be no more winter anywhere, except one week at Christmas so I can use the new toboggan I want this year.

I could write things better for kids in other countries that are poor and don't have food and shoes and stuff. I would write a story that all the kids in all the countries get as much mac an cheese an peanut butter as they want. I would write that they all get Levi jeans and Nike shoes, and it would all come true. ZAP!

Wouldn't that be so cool?

I would write that daddy would have a good job that he really likes, and he doesn't have to get mad at his boss and worry about gettin fired. I would write about us being filthy rich so mom wouldn't have to work all the time, and spend bunches of time laughing and dancing with me like we did when I was little.

Oh yeah. I would write about not having a snotty 9 year old brother, and Zap!  Mouthy Mikey would be gone!!   I would have a cute little sister that I could dress up and do her hair and stuff. I would call her Hannah Montana.


Although your intentions are good, you apparently have no clue about the effects of global warning. Please see Mr. Einstein in the science lab after school. Also, the picture and fantasy about MMe Lilly is an inappropriate use of teaching staff!

The End

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