Lyle Swan, time traveller

You said it couldn't be done, my dearest tutor of the fine english arts. You told me that time traveling isn't possible! Think again my feeble minded teacher, for I have made a time machine like no other!

I admit, at first I though it was impossible my self, being as in order to travel in time, I must harness energy from the greatest source of energy, THE SUN!

Of course, it was you, my mentor for this time being, after showing me the work of Silverstein! Muahahaha! The poet? You don't recall him? Bah! Who needs you anyway! The poem about the boy, who couldn't connect his specially made lightbulb to the sun! Do you know the one? I can barely recall it myself, but the part that stuck to me was the extention cord!

I have plugged my machine into the sun, through said cord and am sitting here watching clones of myself pop up from all over the place.

I have set the time machine for a few seconds back in time, thus replicating my self every few seconds. Yes, I do admit it is cramped down here, but I cannot help myself! I need this army to take over the world! Alright you got me, I need it so I can go back in time, steal the positions of every famous figure and claiming all their glory or shame.

Haha! I have just stopped myself from replicating myself any longer, I am about to embark on an expidition I may never revive from! May the stars watch over you my dear 79 year young teacher! Next time you see me will be in every history book on the planet! You can Google me and you will see that I have many many much different "personalities"

Lyle Swan, First President of the United States, Leader of the Nazi Party in WWII, Inventor of the Lightbulb, Assasinator of JFK, so on so forth (too many to list)


I truly never though it was possible.....A student in my class.... becoming the most famous icons in

Just look at this, his face is plastered all over the history textbook in our room, and all the money in my pocket somehow changed a few days back, before he even said he started replicating himself. I love how each of his faces seems to be exactly the same, and have the appearance of being cut out by scissors and glued onto the only textbook in the room, that he was so busy reading for the past few days. I just can't belive he did it! And look at that! I just looked, I mean, just looked at my computer and found that Google has changed it's format to a more child like crayon writng. Oh, how it amazes me that I can even flip up this Google window and find another Google window, in the original type format.

My students are so Gifted!

The End

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