Evee Carter, Careers Advisor

When I grow up, I am going to be a Careers Advisor. I think it would be a fun job to tell people what I think they should be. To do this job though, I will have to look at their capabilities and such.

I have seen a budding Careers Advisor and she told me that it seems fun, so I think I shall try it. I also think the university will let me, because I already have a degree in English, and for my Maths and Science exam I got higher than average. Not only that, I got into the top 0.0000001% in all of the world! Although one problem would be my drawing skills, in which I barely scraped through a pass.

Anyhow, I think I shall stick with telling other people how to do their job instead of finding my own for the moment.


A very enlightening report, Evee. I shall see to it that this report is published in a book. After this I feel very refreshed and even am considering a career change myself! Great work!

It is things like this which really make my day, Evee. Excellent Effort! (by the way, I don't think drawing should be of any concern, I shall see to it that your grades are changed right away)

The End

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