Krista Redberg, Ice Cube Tray Designer

My name is Krista Redberg, and when I grow up I want to disine disign design a better ice cube tray.

Ice cubes are very important because they keep things cold, like drinks. My mom is a nerse nurse and she told me for my research that sometimes the hospital has to put fingers or organs on ice. She didn't tell me why they need organs in the hospital, or how the fingers can play the organs if they are frozen. I think organs are like pianos but more different, and I don't like it when my mom makes me play the piano so I don't want to work somewhere where I'd have to play a frozen one. That is why I don't want to be a nurse.

A more better ice cube tray needs to be designed because the blue one I have in my freezer doesn't make it ice cubes. Instead it makes ones that look like squares from the top but are actually round underneath, and I learned in geeometery geometry that cubes are made of six squares and no round parts.

So ice cubes aren't cubes really, so they need a better design which I plan to do.

P.S. Now that I have told you my idea you can't tell anyone about it until I invent it. I thought it all myself so I think it is patunted patented.




It's great that you such good ideas for things to invent! Maybe you want to be an inventor, since you've already designed a new ice cube tray. And I didn't know you that you play the piano! I'll ask your mother if you can play for the school talent show next month.

Mmm Lily


The End

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