Stanley Dultsch, Bus Driver

when I grow up I wont to be a buss driver. buss drivers dont haf to lissen to there moms and they can yell at the other kids on the buss with out getting in trouble. also they get to keep there windows down and no one tells them not to. my buss driver is very cool but he is not always nice. sometimes he is nice and tells me good morning when I get on the buss. but sometimes he is weard when he taps me on the butt as I get in the buss. still I think it will be fun to be a buss driver because driving is fun and busses are fun.





I told you to write at least three paragraphs, and you only wrote one. It is clear that you did not do any research for this project, and your sloppy handwriting tells me that you wrote this assignment on the bus on the way to school this morning. Your punctuation and spelling need work. Also please do not tell lies about your superiors, and watch your language.

The End

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